Meteorite Thin Section ITQIY

Meteorite thin Section


Microprobe Polished Thin Section


 (no cover slip, thickness=30 microns)

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I T Q I Y. A unique Primitive Enstatite Achondrite. NAME: I T Q I Y. TYPE: Unique Primitive Enstatite Achondrite. Ungrouped enstatite-rich meteorite. COUNTRY: Saguia el Hamra, Western Sahara. CO-ORDINATES: 26°35.45'N 12"57.13'W T. K.W: 4,720g, two stones (410 and 4310g) DATE : Fell ~1990 (see the following note) Note : recent data about terrestrial age of ITQIY give a prehistoric fell >> 5800 years +/- 500 The references as published in the Meteoritic Bulletin : In the year 1990 (± l year), after a detonation and the appearance of light, one stone of 410 g was recovered near ltqiy by a nomad. A larger stone weighing 4310g was recovered by Luc Labenne while searching for meteorites in the same place in 2000 July.The larger stone has a black fusion crust exhibiting flow lines. Classification and mineralogy (D. Hill and A. Patzer, UAz): equigranular texture shawing numerous triple junctions; enstatite (grain size 0.5 - 4 mm), 78 vol%, has Fs0.2 Wo3.0; metal (grain size 0.2 - 2mm), 22 vol%, is kamacite with Fe = 90.4 wt%.

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